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Learn how to train to gain from the very beginning, develop stronger and more impressive muscles along with superior self-confidence - faster than you would think possible! Without excessive training time expenditure or having to spend a fortune on food supplements or having to train at an expensive commercial training facility.

**************************** BOOK EXERPTS:

"I told him that I had bit off more than I could chew while trying to follow the published bodybuilding routine of Don Howorth that appeared in a 1964 issue of Peary Rader's IRON MAN magazine. I told him that after just three days of performing the routine as printed, I felt like I was going to die..."

"He just looked at me and told me that I should always finish what I started, therefore I had to finish at least one week of Don Howorth style training in order to gain useful knowledge..."

"He told me that there was a certain crucible of iron that one has to immerse oneself in before the shining light of truth would begin to sink in..."

That was the way my first iron game mentor, Jim Smith, taught. He didn't walk me through workouts or even write out workouts for me. He simply told me to watch himself and his other pupils training, add that knowledge to what I already knew, and mix in things that I learned from the muscle mags of the day...I was seventeen years old at the time. His way of "teaching" prepared me for the next level of the game that I experienced when I began training at Duncan YMCA in 1965 under the careful eye of Bob Gajda.

Jim Smith was the smartest, sharpest, most profound and incisive Iron Game Guru in Chicago outside of Irvin Johnson (aka Rheo H. Blair) and Bob Gajda who you have probably never heard of. He was the man who revolutionized my bodybuilding training forever. His training concepts, theories, and way of "teaching without teaching" was the perfict complement to the Zen-like teaching approaches that Irvin Johnson and Bob Gajda passed on to their inner circle of students. The methods I learned from those three men taught me what turned out to be a literally foolproof approach to continual physical improvement that would last a lifetime. Now the same training methods and concepts that I gleaned from those giants of the iron game are explained in one volume that tears down many myths and lies about productive training that are generally accepted as gospel throughout the iron game. Now you can take those very same methods and concepts and use them to assist you in building more muscle and strength over a lifetime than you would ever imagine possible.

Fast Forward 40 Years:

"I can't believe you developed that level of physique without taking growth drugs or training like a fanatic on a daily basis," said my martial arts instructor as he peered at a few of the photos that I have kept over the years that clearly showed how much my approach to training had worked despite the fact that I am far from being a possessor of great genetics or blessed with more than average physical gifts.

I was stood 4' 10" and weighed only 82 pounds when I graduated from grammer school -- I was the same height and weight after my first year in high school was completed -- then I bought a couple of muscle magazines and Irvin Johnson's original bodybuilding course and an adjustable steel spring chest expander set to try and jump start my body into growing at least a little bit. I was simply looking for a way to get a normal sized body so that I could participate in organized athletics (I had been boxing for several years at that time...but that did not stimulate my body to GROW) and have girls look at me with some semblance of interest. I wanted to look like Charles Atlas.

So, I began a journey forward that allowed me to attain more physical improvement than I could have ever imagined in the beginning. I encountered impeccable muscle mentors (Smith, Gajda, and Johnson/Blair), and I learned the real secrets that ANYONE can use to make physical changes that most think are only possible with growth drugs and literally living in a gym 24/7.

I learned many long forgotten training approaches that virtually guarantee a great physique and super strength. And I found out that most of the methods espoused "back in the day" and today are flat out ridiculous when looked at with a rational and open mind.

I somehow instinctively knew that I was blessed with learning opportunities that most bodybuilders and strength athletes would never have. So, I kept my eyes and ears open at Jim Smith's Better Boys Foundation weight training area, and at Bob Gajda's fabled Duncan YMCA gym, and I improved, and improved, and...well, I am still improving today at the age of 60!

Jim smith instilled in me an interest and an appreciation for the kernels of gold that could be found in old bodybuilding and physical culture books, magazines, and training courses. Jim taught me how to separate the valuable from the nonsence. Bob Gajda taught me how to use Irvin Johnson's nutritional concepts in conjunction with his (Bob's) many incredible training equipment inventions and innovations along with the PHA (Pheripheral Heart Action) approach to training in ways that complemented and expanded what Jim Smith had taught me perfectly. I was one of the luckiest iron men on the face of the earth in terms of who I was able to learn from, and what I was able to learn. Such opportunities is seldom out there for those interested in jumping into the iron game.

With the knowledge and teaching of those great mentors I was rapidly transformed into a multi-title bodybuilding champ, a good powerlifter, and a superior athlete with the ability to quickly learn and excel at whatever sport interested me. Plus, the girls started coming after me like flies.

Those men, their teachings, and the IRON GAME changed my life forever.

They explained things without explaining. They were Western Zen Masters. They pointed me in directions that seemed to be the ultimate in vagueness. They taught, inspired, and enlightened me in ways that were in essence "pure zen." And all it cost me was my showing sincere interest in, appreciation for, what they were sharing with me, and the ability to do the WORK in the gym that was requisite for getting the results that their knowledge promised. They did the talking, and I did the thinking, and the training.

Within the pages of this new book I will teach YOU the fundamental principles, concepts, and training methods(virtually a step-by-step blueprint) that will guide YOU to results over time that will have your closest friends and associates shaking their heads in amazement. This course is like finding the Fountain of Youth and a Genie in a Bottle all wrapped up in one book.

Darden, Ph.D. Many people had the same experience when they first read some of Arthur's materials. Over three decades ago, when Arthur unleashed his training philosophy on an unsuspecting world it spread like wildfire. It made a heck of a lot of sense to thousands upon thousands of trainees all over the country and the world, and in practice, worked better than anything else than they ever tried.

Among the many people who achieved tremendous results was Herb April, a champion bodybuilder, athlete, martial artist, and educator. who not only had many published training articles under his belt, but graced the cover of many strength magazines of the time.

Herb April cut his iron game teeth learning at the feet of midwest iron guru's Jim Smith, Bob Gajda, and Irvin Johnson / Rheo H. Blair in the early sixties in Chicago during a time period that has often been called the "golden age" of bodybuilding. He worked and trained at the legendary DUNCAN YMCA which was dubbed the Midwest Mecca of Musclebuilding" by many writers of that period. -- This experience had such a big impact on him that Ell Darden has been writing about the lessons he learned during those years ever since. He was there throughout the greatest period of physical culture innovation and experimentation in bodybuilding history.

With over 45 years of training and teaching experience under his belt (including martial arts, drumming, and dance studies as well as a variety of other subjects), Herb gives you a whirlwind tour of how he learned the essence of what he calls ZEN MUSCLE from three of the greatest physical culture instructors of that or any other period of history in this modern musclebuilding classic. 



What are the real secrets behind continual strength and physique improvement over a lifetime?

This incredible book is part autobiography, part iron game history lesson, part training manual, part ZEN manual, and part key to all things possible with progressive resistance training and lifetime fitness involvement. Nothing like this book has ever been published in the annals of iron game literature...EVER!

Just look at the table of contents:



"Real World Musclebuilding Secrets"




* Forward

* Prologue

* Acknowledgements


* Smashmouth Satori

* 4 foot Ten & 82 Pounds

* The Better Boys Foundation

* Robert Wood's "Gym"

* Sam Jordan's "Gym"

* 1515 W. Monroe Street-Duncan Y

* Gajda "Redux"

* More "Lessons from Bob Gajda"

* Irvin Johnson/Rheo H. Blair

PART TWO- A Few of My Personal Training Inspirations

* The Great John Grimek

* The Magnificent Marvin Eder

* The Incomparable Douglas Hepburn

* Sergio Oliva-The Living Myth

* Chuck Ahrens

* Kevin Tolbert-Man of Strength

* Jim Smith-The Unknown Iron Master

PART THREE-My Philosophy of ZEN MUSCLE Training

* Muscle Magic?

* Approaching and Maintaining "Critical Mass"

* Logic, Physical Laws, Theory, Research, Etc.

* The Art and Science of Strength and Power Training

* The Art of The Rep

* The Art of The Set

* The Art of The Workout

* Stages Within a Set

* The Art of Arm Training

* The Art of Grip Development

* The Art of Chest Development

* The Art of Back Development

* The Art of Waistline/Core Training

* Choosing Correct Starting Weights

* Strength Training Basics

* Time-Efficient Bodybuilding

* The Martial Arts Factor

* The "Bodywork" Factor

* The "Tai Chi" Factor

PART FOUR-Chicago Style "HIT PHYSIQUE" Weight Room Basics

* Basic Training 101

* Basic Training 101-Part Two

* Super Slow Training

* P.H.A. Training

* "Super" P.H.A. Training

* A Simple Path to Power

* Pre-Exhaustion & Negatives

* Infimetric Training

* Solitary Training

PART FIVE-Dynamic Muscle Building "Without" Free Weights or Machines

* Dynamic Calisthenics

* Is Cable Training As Effective As Weight Training?

* A Cable Training System That Works

* Rubber Band Training & L.E.X. Training

* Pumping Rubber-Part One

* Pumping Rubber-Part Two

* More on "L.E.X. Training

* More on Cable Training

* Mixing Cable Training with Dynamic Calisthenics for Great Results

PART SIX-More "HIT PHYSIQUE" Muscle Training Methods

* Homemade Muscle

* My Favorite Routines

* Improvising with Iron

* Workout at a YMCA

* Caveman Training (Beer Keg & Rock Lifting)

* The "Allure" of Strength


* "Inner" Development

* The Greatest Hindrance to Progess

* The Best Form of Meditation for Muscle Building?

* The "Feel"

* Sensitivity Breeds Success

* When Forms Goes Out The Window- STOP!

* Patience Leads to Power

* "Arms For Living"

* Youth Will be Served

* Just Do It!

* Muscle "Music"

PART EIGHT-My Favorite Physique Training Tools

* Equipment, Equipment, Equipment-The Best of The Best

* The "Big Three"

* The "Magic Circle"

* The Magnificently Multi-faceted "Hip-Belt"

* The Most Important Piece of Weight Training Equipment


* ZEN MUSCLE-Year 2007

* Loose Strings, Odds & Ends

* Why Everything "Works!"

* ZEN MUSCLE & Meditation

* ZEN MUSCLE & "Internal" Martial Arts

* ZEN MUSCLE & "Jazz"

* Beyond ZEN MUSCLE (Training for Life)

* APPENDIX A-Suggested Further Readings


You cannot afford to not have this book in your personal Iron Game Training library!

This book is a key to avoiding wasting time, wasting effort, and to assure yourself of getting all that you can possibly get out of training, naturally, sensibly, and without having to use drugs, or adopt a radical (fanatical) approach to life or training in order to GROW into all that you have the potential to be.

The truth is that every person in the world is essentially the same in some very fundamental ways - and every person in this world gains strength through the same processes. The principles outlined in this book will help you understand these processes which will allow your to become super strong, no matter what you are training for and no matter what equipment you are using.

As you can see, ZEN MUSCLE by Herb April is jam packed with valuable information. There is more than enough info in this book to here to enlighten and lead ANYONE towards a magnificent and eye-catching physique, superior strength, and athletic prowess enhancement - numerous training routines, inspirational photos of the author's progress over the years that will amaze you, and commentaries on numerous All-Time Iron Game and Athletic Legends that the author has met, conversed with, and learned from over the past 45 years!!

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Herb April

P.S. Remember: Thornton Wilder said "Seek the lofty by reading, hearing and seeing great work at some moment every day." There is no doubt that this book qualifies as a great work, as you will soon see once you rreceive it in the mail and begin to read it from page one. Get this book Now! 


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Finally, a progressive resistance training manual for the contemporary martial artist who wants to get the most from adding intelligent and muscle and strength building theory and practice to his or her overall training program. No more going bonkers trying to figure out how to add endless hours of iron pumping, spending huge sums on supplements, and in general, wasting time trying to do the outrageous and ridiculous things that bodybuilders and weightlifters will tell you are the "only" way to train and gain.   This manual strips away the crap and gives you all you will ever need to know to design and refine truly productive muscle building methods and techniques of training to your martial arts training without asking you to waste precious time, energy, and money in the process. This is the truth as I used it to build a great physique, tremendous strength, and complemented my martial arts training perfectly in the process.   This is one book you must have in your training library in order to avoid falling into the traps and pitfalls of the "dark side" of physical culture that will suck you in if you are not totally aware about the truths and lies surrounding progressive resistance training.   No, you don't need drugs, a world class health club, expensive food supplements, growth drugs, or a "bodybuilding lifestyle" in order to get your body in gear rapidly and permanently. Order your copy now!  

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